X-Men and the Danger Room

X-Men are comic character developed by the Marvel Comics. X-men has a similarity with the superhero fiction characters like Superman. X-men first appeared in 1963 as heroic men in the story. These X-Men are students trained by Professor Xavier and the Danger Room was developed for them as the training ground. In this training ground, they come to know more about gaining power through the facilities that are built for them. The danger room kept on upgrading until such time that it contains machines and robots for the students to be trained with. However, the danger room has the power to restore its broken parts when the students attack something on it. There came a time that the danger room had its own awareness so it deceived the students in any way. The students unaware of this, kept on staying in the danger room. Later, the danger room disguised herself as a woman and there she was named “Danger”.

The X-Men had no choice but fight agains this women. This woman had already killed one of them so they kept on escaping from her. She the rose to revenge against Xavier but she failed. After many incidents, she came to side with Xavier and Xavier revealed that he did not what to do with her because of the complications of each machine connected with her and that she could actually gain all the powers that is even beyond the power of X-Men that may result to their death. Soon, Xavier made effort to repair her until she gain consciousness again to help X-Men beat their enemy.