Marvel Comics: Fiction of all time

Marvel Comics of Stan Lee are now the most amazing books of all time. Marvel Comics paved the way to the making of many fictional stories for readers: Why is Marvel the most famous fiction of all time?

Marvel Comics demonstrated the wit in the creation of imaginary characters of superheroes and things. The power that the character possess are even unique that readers could actually imagine as something that might happen.

Marvel Characters depicts the power of technology.

In fact, it is not impossible that real robots with such powers may appear in the future, if there could be someone who can invent it. Human beings have invented a metal that flies. It composes billions of parts, this is the airplane. So why is it impossible to build robots that could really possess power?

Marvel Character gives a good plot of the story. Going back with the story, the writer has a long plan for the story to be accomplished. This is really amazing when it comes ti the length of the story.

Marvel Comics is able to catch the attention of readers so that they would stick to reading all the series that are being published. It always creates an excitement in all series.

The Title is too catchy. Whoever reads the title would wonder what kind of story that is and what might be the opinion of the writer on it. There must be something that spins the head through the catchy titles and cover page.