Simple Steps in Writing a Fiction

You are inspired in writing a fiction since you have read many fictional books that are being published online or offline. As you are motivated, you want to write some stories but you do not know where to start and how? Here are the simple steps that might help you in creating your own story. Creating a story must be original so that you will be charged of plagiarism.

1. Choose a story.

Devise a story free from other ideas of people.

2. Know the elements of the story.

If you know these basics, you will be able to create something that is simple as a beginning writer. Basic elements are: Settings, characters, plot, tone and theme.

3. Draft the basic elements of the story. While drafting, try to imagine what impact those elements will give to reader.

4. Construct the plot of the story. Try to be creative in constructing the order of the story. Try to use techniques such as foreshadowing, show not tell.

It is very important to think of how the readers find it worth reading.

5. Write the best introduction of the story. Try to edit as many times as you can until you will find the best introduction. The best introduction puts the imaginary main character and the settings. The settings will show the mood of the story.

6. Create a draft of the whole story using your imagination. Always think of who will read it.

7. Write the final output. Edit the final output as many times as you can to produce the best output.