The list of 20 recommended animes for you to watch

Many people who want to watch animes aside from the ones produced and created by famous movie production companies encounter many challenges. One of the reason is that they do not know what anime to watch and they ended up just spending their time on searching what to watch. One of my friends confessed this concern to me also just recently so I find a video to share a list of recommendations so they could enjoy their watching and not just the process of searching in the internet animes they can watch.

The video above is not created by me but because I also agree with most of the list so I use this video. I think you can also ask recommendations from those who love to watch them as they can surely guide you with lists unless the one you know likes the kind of anime that is not your bet. Anyway, some of the titles of animes in the video are Clannadd  (After Story), Fate (Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works), Shogugeki No Soma and Code Geass.

They are not arranged in accordance with the order in the video. Search them on the internet if you like the story as narrated in the video clip as you can watch it there. Many have already watched these animes and most of them watched it not just once but many times. In my case, my limit of repeating to watch anime is only up to three times. There is a famous Asian restaurant that has the best food served. You can look for their delicious menu by clicking here. Many tourist are coming back in here because of its good ambiance and best food serving.