The Wolverine Character

The Story of Wolverine began with a young boy named James Howlett. He is the only son of John Howlett and Elizabeth, who are rich plantation owners in Canada. Unfortunately, James is very allergic at a very young age causing him to be frail and sickly. In fact, his allergies keep him inside most of the day so he could not enjoy at least a walk outside. So that James can have someone to play with or have fun with, his father introduced him to a young girl to be his friend. She is an orphan, named Rose.

The death of James’ father was the beginning of the manifestation of his power as a wolverine. James’ family has a keeper. He is Thomas Logan, but is hinted having an affair with James’ mother Elizabeth. Some time later, James’ father, John, expelled Thomas and his son for having rude behavior. But after that, Thomas Logan returns to rob the Howlett’s and convince Elizabeth to run away with him. That was the time John got killed by Thomas.

This incident caused James to arouse in anger as he witnessed the killing of his father. Seeing his father clothed in blood, a pair of claws came out of his hands and struck it to Thomas Logan, causing him to die.

Years later, James was kidnapped by agents, known as the Weapon X program. Dr. Abraham Cornelius discovers that James is a mutant so he began to examines James. James by the way has taken the name Logan, that is why he is called Logan. Attempting to turn him into a perfect weapon, they bound James with indestructible adamantium metal.But after a while, Logan escapes the facility proving that he is too difficult to control. Because he is a Wolverine!

Other than having claws, Logan as a wolverine has a healing factor to regenerate and a superhuman strength and agility as well.