Powerful Marvel Characters

The Marvel World is beyond universe and that powerful characters are in this realm.

One-above-all. He is the most powerful in the Marvel Multiverse. In any way, he cannot be damaged and his strength is undying. It is unlimited. He is not characterized as the most powerful only, but he is everywhere so nothing is hidden from his sight. Also, he has the capability to know everything, even someone’s deepest thoughts. Undoubtedly, he is the most powerful!

Beyonder. One of the most powerful but sometimes, he showed has very own moments of vulnerability. The combined powers of the entire multiverse is nothing when compared to is power. It is just like a drop of water in the ocean.

Galactus. He has the power to wield Power cosmic. This kind of power replaces the souls of its holders causing each wielder’s physical form to adapt to store it. Galactus has the potential to support life so he could maintain his existence all throughout. He has even appointed number of beings as his heralds.

Mikaboshi. He is durable and agile. Best known as the enemy of Hercules and Thor. His physical strength is much less than of Zeus or Izanagi. Oftentimes, he is depicted as a demonic god.

Magus. He is extraordinary with superhuman strength and agility. His speed is faster than that of the light’s speed and is able to manipulate cosmic energy for energy projection, recuperation and flight. His sacrifice to defend high evolutionary from an assault by the Man Beast is remarkable. He was them compensated by that action giving him the Soul Gem which possesses a consciousness of its own.